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THE SO CALLED DEMOCRACY IN OCCUPIED AFGHANISTAN Like in occupied Irak last year, Thursday, 20th of august, presidential and provincial elections have been organized in occupied Afghanistan. Since one week, the mass media in United States and in Europe manipulate its public opinions with the elections in Afghanistan to make believe that the aim of the occupying forces in this country is the establishment of the democracy through a free elections and a free expression of the afghan people. But nobody is dupe of this electoral masquerade that use the capitalist and imperialist powers to set a prince or a president on the throne and to strengthen their domination in the occupied zones. The capitalist and imperialist propaganda seeks to make believe that the OTAN forces in Afghanistan are struggling against the extremist forces and for the liberty of the western people. Since 2001, OTAN forces are fighting a foe without army and without sophisticated weapons. The Taliban arms are known to be small arms when the Otan forces use aircrafts, heavy artilleries and the control of the information. Of the military field, the OTAN forces have undoubtedly a heavy crushing over the Taliban combatants. The soviet military adventure in the late 1980 in Afghanistan shows that there is no military solution in this mountainous country and the capitalist and imperialist powers have a clear conscience of this reality. The periodical elections show in the occupied countries, in Irak last year an today in Afghanistan, are conceived as device and stratagem to manipulate the international opinion public on the one hand and to divide the domestic political forces in applying the principle Inherited from the colonial era, divide to rule (diviser pour régner) on the other hand. Like in the capitalist countries, the elections in Afghanistan are not more than a comedy, with actors and casting forecasted and prepared longtime before the elections. To make believe that there is a real competition between many candidates, the American and European strategists in political propaganda have put a plan of campaign. They seek 41 candidates and rivals of the present afghan president Amin Karzai. Everybody knows that all the rivals of the present president Hamid Karzai doesn’t have any luck to win the elections. We have the same comedy in the capitalist countries with a myriad of candidates but the real winners will be the candidates and the parties who have been massively supported by the capitalist mass medias. By another way, the millions of dollars of the electoral campaign of Karzai have been spending to buy the votes of the tribal chiefs. The AMERICAN and european propagandists advise and recommend to Karzai to call upon the services of former “war princes” like Abdel Rachid Dustom, “the Butcher of Taliban” who leaves sine many years in exile in Turkey and Mohamed Mohquaq, an ally of the iranian regime. This appeal of the occupying forces and Hamid Karzai to Dustom services who have been accused to have murdered about 1500 Taliban fighters aims to win the Ouzbeks tribes votes. The leader of the “popular unity”, Mohamed Mohquaq, accused for humanity and war crimes, whose the party is taking root in the northern Shiite tribes el Hazari, will be rewarded by five ministerial offices for his support for Karzai. This coming back of the former war’s princes in Afghanistan recalls the AMERICAN strategy in Irak whose the political life was organized after the occupation on confessional grounds with the domination of the Shiite parties. To struggle against Alqaida militants, the United States and Irakian government armed and financed also the sunnite tribes. Eight years ago, the aim in Afghanistan of the occupying forces was the democracy and the freedom for the afghan people. All remember the capitalist and imperialist propaganda which promised liberty, freedom and progress. Eight years after, the war is raging with civil and military causalities. The country is still ravaged by wars which have been going on thirty years without any political or military solution in view. In Irak and in Afghanistan, we have now examples of the capitalist and imperialist democracy which means Death, misery, devastation. In recent interview, the former general secretary of the United Nations, Boutros Boutros Ghali who declares that “democracy is the sharing of power”(Unesco Social and human sciences”, july-september 2009). When Mr Ghali make this statement, we have to ask ourself if this man is not mental sick, blind or deaf-mute. Boutros Ghali didn’t see at all that democracy in the capitalist countries is sharing only and exclusively by those who are able to manage and protect the interests of the capital when the democracy in the third world is synonym of underdevelopment, wars, destruction, starvation and misery. With the occupation of Irak and Afghanistan, we have concretely two examples of the western democracy. FAOUZI ELMIR Key-words: Afghanistan, election, democracy,


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